Sheila Dalgleish

I am a textile artist, based in Edinburgh.  My work is based on landscape, which I find endlessly fascinating - it is impossible to visit anywhere without thinking how I might be able to express how I feel about the landscape in textiles.  I put this down partly to having done a degree in Geography a very long time ago, when I fell in love with the diagrams in the physical geography textbooks.  I have travelled extensively in Scotland, and outwith the UK,  and I tend to be drawn more to the less populated parts of the world, hence my attraction to the far north beyond the Arctic Circle.  I find great pleasure in exploring the variety to be found in landscape – there really isn’t a dull place to investigate.


I have worked in textile art for many years now, and have exhibited with Freewheeling, with Mairi Wheeler, and latterly as a solo artist.   I hope you will enjoy this exhibition.  Do contact me if you have any questions, and make sure you come and chat when you visit. 

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