north south east west

North south east west will be my third solo exhibition of textile art.  I have carried on the theme started by the first two exhibitions, North (2015) and North and South (2018), and just taken the title one stage further.  As an artist/geographer with a love of landscape, north south east west gives me a chance to follow my whim and design new work based on places I have visited and loved.  Since the last exhibition I have travelled to the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, Iceland, Greenland, Norway and the Netherlands, but for this exhibition I have also delved back into pictures and memories of places I visited several years ago.  Each piece has a small part of my soul, and I hope I have been able to show in my work how I feel about the places I have been lucky enough to visit and explore.  The world is a wonderful place.  I hope you will come and enjoy my work. 

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